Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle Fire, iPad Killer?

Amazon has introduced it’s tablet to the Kindle family.  Kindle Fire with a 7” Multi-touch Display priced at a very low $199.  Pre-orders are now available for the Kindle Fire, which is set for a November 15, 2011.  The Kindle Fire will run Android 2.3 OS with Amazon Silk, a new browser which Amazon’s promotes it as a “cloud-accelerated browser”.  The Kindle Fire is significantly lower then the iPad 2 but it is definitely lacking certain features people are used to with the iPad 2.  The largest difference is the 8GB of internal storage on the Kindle Fire compared to the iPad 2’s 16GB of storage.  Then again the iPad is priced $300 higher than the Kindle Fire.  Amazon also introduced new Kindle models with the lowest priced at $79.  Amazon has definitely done its research with the price but also aggressively pushing the cloud feature.  Click below on the sponsor link to pre-order and get the full specs on the Kindle Fire and check out the full Kindle lineup.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apple iPhone Event Set

Invitations were sent out today to journalist across the country about an Apple iPhone event set for Tuesday October 4th.  The invites were sent through email and we will finally see what Apple has in store for the next iPhone.  Stay updated on the next iPhone news by following the Tucson Techie on twitter and the Tech Grit.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

iPhone 5 set to debut October 4

All Things Digital reported earlier this week, that Apple will have an event October 4th to announce the new iPhone.  This will be the first event in which newly appointment CEO Tim Cook will host since Steve Jobs stepped down.  There are many rumors being reported for the iPhone 5 including a lineup that will have two models.  One would be the next iPhone and the other would be a iPhone 4GS.  No information about the October 4th event has been confirmed yet.  But when it does, be sure to check back here at the Techie Grit.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Adds Subscribe Feature

HootSuite: Social Media DashboardAll 750 million plus Facebook users will soon have the ability to not only be friends with someone, but “subscribe” as well.  Facebook is definitely stealing a Twitter like feature here.  The subscribe feature also allows you to follow a non friend.  Here comes another headache in making sure your privacy settings are set properly if you only want to allow friends to follow you, I mean subscribe to you.  The new Facebook subscribe feature is hot of the heels of another announcement yesterday that would be improve friends list management that will automatically categorize your friends.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

iPad 3 to be lighter and thinner?

The Taiwan Economic News has cited industry sources that the iPad 3 will be lighter and thinner with a new and improved battery.  The battery will have a longer lifer than the iPad 2, but could also mean a higher cost to Apple.  Rumor also is that the tablet could have a 2,048x1,536 resolution Retina Display, which might also explain a newer battery.

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